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What are patents and how does this relate to the enclosure movement?

The revolution of the ‘rich’ against the ‘poor’?

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Constitution of Malaysia 1957 Bumiputera translated in English means ‘Native.’ This is not reflective of the Author’s Static Opinion, but a discourse to explore and consider. In the words of Thomas Kuhn, a paradigm shift accompanies every scientific revolution only to be dispersed into its weak constituents followed by a revision an abandonment or an…

What are patents and how does this relate to the enclosure movement ?

The revolution of the ‘rich’ against the ‘poor’? Patents are your right to receive money for something that you have created, and the way that you attain it is to get it copyrighted. At first glance this practice may seem as something belonging to the modern era, but in fact it has existed throughout civilisations…

Part One | The Girl from Shalabiya & A Brief Overview of Arab Music History

A love letter to the song البنت الشلبية and music in the Arab World BRIEF OVERVIEW OF ARAB MUSIC HISTORY The musical modus operandi [music theory, techniques, instruments] exchange between Eastern Asia and Northern Africa, defines Arabic music, according to Arab musicologist and composer, Habib Hassan Touma. In support of Touma’s statement, the provenance [origin…

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