Revisitation of the filipino female shaman

History always repeats itself.

Draft: I referenced a photo I found online of a filipino shaman, but have no idea if it is historically accurate but i hope that you can find some comfort that this part of the Phillipines history is not at its end of uncovering, although the sources may be scarce, making sense of it may help us to understand a bit more about the world .

The interesting thing is that alongside males there were females shamans who fought against the Spanish during the colonial era, but so little of the accounts of females are recorded.

Upsetting thing with conquests is that there is an economic gain that propels the justification of violence towards communities. It is not the religious ideologies, its the cards that political players deal with through assuming various identities only to discard them when their agenda fits them best or when divided loyalties can corrupt their agenda they sought out for because of wealth, or dilemma or power.

In colour
In sepia

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