Dear Fiction and Dystopian books and movies, can we move past capitalism/ marxism already????

Literally want to see other economic theories than the one proposed by capitalism or a lose-gain situation. I feel like my mind is deprived of that brain stimulation I need to expand and I feel finite by the limitations set by our current economic theories.

Can someone just write different economic systems to draw upon (my mind is limited in the knowledge of economics tho so I am not one to engage in dialogue with perhaps and also maybe because I don’t engage with the medium of economics as much).

Yes in every attempt to rewrite history by reducing human suffering using revolutions as a platform has the opposite effect. I’m looking at you, Dostoevsky. There will always be people that suffer. But I really really don’t like how each movement onto oneself appears to be the saviour or so they market themselves to be, but then again we are part of a system that will sabotage itself eventually because we are limited. Or our minds do not have the propensity of holding many things at once so we short circuit our judgements to spare us the inevitability of hitting a wall quite literally [seen in our mental heuristics] or beyond to the point of insanity.

Our minds can spiral out of decisiveness with many views and in that case, we can call upon diagrams or infographics, maybe but sometimes it feels like our minds can fade into oblivion with all the data. Because what can be achieved is just these vast apparitions of phenomena, dictated by statisticians as truth.

We believe in the maxim of the greatest good for the most number of people, but leave those who are in the minority unexamined, like they simply exist as mutually exclusive to the most number of people. If it is the whole that speaks, then why not examine the unexamined.

And if the majority of the views in fiction and dystopia centre around marxism, communism, Keynesian economics, neoliberalism, what effect would that have on our collective psyche to solve the problems of climate change and agriculture methods at present which is destroying our environment including arbitrary inflation? Can we reimagine something other because it is bordering on the mundane in my mind?


2 thoughts on “Dear Fiction and Dystopian books and movies, can we move past capitalism/ marxism already????

  1. Human nature never changes. There will always be people who want power and to be superior to others. That’s why Marxism/socialism doesn’t work. It doesn’t deliver what it promises. The market system and bartering are the oldest and most successful economic systems because they are based simply on trading goods at whatever price someone is willing to pay. Capitalism, for all of its flaws, is flexible and has survived because it is the most successful system to date. Marxism is based on idealism – not on reality.

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