The life of a retired yakuza, taking on a new role as a househusband, which has its challenges like the life of a yakuza.

At first glance, what appears to be vignettes or frames from a comic book, is the Netflix anime, the way of the househusband.

To watch it, you have to imagine it as reading a comic book, complete with sound effects. And let your imagination run to fill in the rest of the scenes.

Although there is criticism on the limited flow of the frames per second, this does not dilute the authenticity that the Anime provides.

I initially didn’t like the low frames per second format, but couldn’t help but be drawn by the 20 minute episodes, that I just felt compelled to binge watch.

As the main lead of the Anime, Tatsu is the infamous “Immortal Dragon” to the criminal underworld and is highly regarded amongst the Yakuza. Tatsu has taken on a new identity as a househusband, who is fiercely devoted to his wife, Miku, and running errands.

The show constantly features Tatsu’s precision and passion for making wholesome meals for Miku, his neighbours and the community. And upon encounter with a current Yakuza member, he was able to deflect the situation and is able to dissolve the member into tears, just like he is able to uncover the genuine side of people who are given his incessant hospitality, cue the blu ray salesperson.

Given Tatsu’s background history the show borders on suspense that alludes to Tatsu’s violent past, to the present where he encounters various types of people in his new lifestyle, and you are left expecting perhaps violence, but what you get is a happy meal.

The humour, the disbelief and the suspense are what drew me in, to see whether Tatsu would turn back into his old ways. But reverting to his old character would not be consistent with Tatsu’s new identity, as he is focused and does not give up.

Patriarchy or sexualisation that tends to be associated with gangsters against the narrative of the househusband is where I find comfort in the Anime. The unexpected unravels and Tatsu is depicted as having devotion towards the community, the neighbours and his partner, which makes this show compelling. [ also this is why people join gangs because of the warmth they believe they get because they have been deprived of it from society, that they either have to assimilate, may implode or join a deviant group to establish their identity]

Tatsu can display the right amount of hospitality with the right amount of passion, confidence and accountability and like the househusband that he is like the Yakuza he was and the househusband he is.

As they say, other people may not greet you with the same hospitality that you provide, but if you were a thug, man they don’t know what’s coming. WHOLESOMENESS THAT COMPLETELY ENSNARES YOU.



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