Need a Spotify refresh? Palm Therapy D33psoul & Oceanvs Orientalis at your service

In the music atmosphere, there is much ground to cover, and uniquely the Nahda movement that was triggered in response to Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt has led to the proliferation of academic thinkers and a round of amazing artistes hailing from this golden modern era of Arabic music, in the likes of Umm Kulthum, Asmahan, Nagat Al-Saghira, the Rahbani brothers, and more.

Charles Aznavour who is most well known for his songs in French like La Boheme, has Algerian roots, and like Line Monty, who shares these roots, including Maurice El Medioni, they all may be a testament to the beauty of the Nahda movement which encapsulates this golden era that is not so seemingly caught upon history books.

A Syrian Druze princess who is an actress and singer, rumoured to be a double agent in World War II, by the name of Asmahan, also adds to the beauty of the Nahda movement in music, her beautiful staccato of vocals like a thousand crystals singing from the chandelier in all its variations with an accompaniment of violins and western instruments, feels like a surrealist painting or almost like looking at thousands of universes on a similar vein but expressing itself in a different way, kind of like a Murakami- Ghibli world.

The Jewish and Arabic musicians on the same vein accompany that beautiful universe of music at least in my eyes.

A revisitation to these legends are made accessible by a range of artists who pay homage and respectfully, to the old, and breathe anew modern music with a blend of older music.

Poetry or a verse said [may or may not be true] by the Ummayad caliph to his lover, who was king more than 13 centuries ago. Yazid Bin Muawiyah

One of the artistes behind this movement is Palm Therapy, Oceanvs Orientalis and D33psoul, who provide a vast array of music to draw upon from this golden era. They also fuse electronic music into the heavily variegated melodies of the interwar , post war era artistes , including orchestral elements.

Given the highly political uncertainty that the Middle East faced in the eyes of modernity and imperialism, this beauty of music was borne .

Some of the folk songs were referred to as originating from the Andalusia era due to nationalism growing in the Middle East regions of the Nahda movement, even though it may not have known a basis in the Andalusian region.

Many more artists accompany this wave including Khalifa Santo & Kodwael & ESM Unique & Faylasuf & Houssem Amari & Ash

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