Neuro-Linguistic-Programming is not Psychology: Opinion

Neuro Linguistic Programming and Psychology are separate disciplines

Looking at all the mind theories that may or may not have a negative relationship with you [psychology] for you to monopolise on 😉

The endeavours of psychology to monopolise or perhaps ‘discover’ new methods to treatment is fuelled by a system of publish or perish.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is receiving this attempt to be packaged into psychology. This reaps fruition of uses for NLP as a discipline, but its practitioners may face an impending subordination to Psychology, given that naturally, psychology is an ‘established’ or commercialised practice.

I feel really sorry for the practitioners of the NLP, as this may mean that their role can be made subordinate to psychologists, where NLP is where they specialise, and that maybe they may have to take psychology credentials to practise their discipline. And this shows that being able to practice, which is made possible through issuing licences, the fact of issuing it is political.

The only way to perhaps establish the respect for NLP as a profession, just like they could have done with the roles of doctors and nurses, who doctors subordinate the roles of nurses now, would be to respect the rightful owner of the NLP practitioners to establish themselves, then this upsetting subordination, however, the forces of perhaps the compartmentalisation of work and politics between disciplines will be a never-ending battle. Makes it seem bleak for practitioners of any mind medicine, to have autonomy in their practice, as they may submit to the big monopoly of psychology.


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