MuSINGS… Revisiting Dostoevsky

Always hated acting and always loved going to watch plays/theatre. I have to admit that my highschool mind never understood the play based on Dostoevskys life because its importance was not made clear to me.

La Mama Theatre in Melbourne, has been blessed with the presence of the ‘CATE BLANCHETT’ from her humble beginnings as an australian female stage actress. The 19th century-esque wrought iron gates greets you at the theatre , where it leads to the gravel path that encircles the cosy theatre, with a cottage-like appearance. Lined on the side of the entrance to the cottage, and the black chalk board making the cafes presence known ( this was in 2013 before the fire at the theatre in 2018 ).

Many amazing stage actors have basked their presence in that space. I feel although as if I did have some background knowledge to 101 European history about the Russian revolution prior to the early 20th century, where there was massive political upheavals which defines Dostoevsky’s work, I could appreciate the undertones and themes. Given that the play was about the life of Dostoevsky, I feel like having the background about what he had gone through, such as the fact that he was once held at gunpoint and may could have lost his life, it makes the for the watching more intriguing to uncover this author who created amazing literary works that imbue the public imagination to this day. What really drew me in is that Dostoyevsky is regarded to be an amazing intellectual thinker with the likes of Mikhail Bakhtin, given the political upheaval in Russia at that time. And Dostoyevsky’s works have also influenced Nietzsche. [Although sadly Dostoevsky seems to have antisemetic undertones in his writings, I’ll just only try to take what’s good and leave the bad].

Now after watching a video by eternalised based on the themes that Dostoyevsky sets out [actually lets be honest here, the books department needs to amp it up with their pr in an intellectual way, this video is a good advertising aha for me to even want to read the book ].

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