The Angel of The East

Link to original resource: Angel of East

If you could look east
across the United States,
over the Atlantic Ocean and
the Mediterranean Sea
to a place between
Asia, Africa, and Europe,
you might see an angel
and angel of the east
setting on a sea of blue.
Her head hangs heavily, (Turkey)
bowed towards her chest ( Lebanon, Syria,)
as she holds her hands
together in prayer
facing west. (Egypt)
A tear has fallen
from her cheek. (Cyprus)
Her heart aches; (Israel)
the heart of three religions.
She would like to be
the angel for all people,
but it seems remote
on this southwest peninsula.
She is battle-worn
and war-torn,
this angel of the east
praying someday for
a new world order and peace

By Rebecca Scott

Other angel parts to identify:wings (Iran, Afghanistan) shoulder/arms (Iraq, Jordan) body/dress (Saudi Arabia) dress hem (Yemen, Oman, UAE) Buttons on dress (Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain)

Seeing the big picture with narratives
helps to encapsulate a vast an enriching territory, its many subdivisions and counterparts, such as the Middle East,
in the mind…..
“Poems and imagery are like symbols [heuristics devices] that emphasise on the unique characteristics of concepts [ and in this instance, it is employed to anchor the placement of landmarks/ territories on a map ]
Which can also record the movement of territories throughout time periods”
[As opposed to a rote memorisation of it]
And is a intuitive way to connect landmarks to its respective places on a map
I hope you can gain insight and love from this poetry
As many have.

And also in the meantime there is a good article you can read about how narratives are used by the Indigenous Australians in the past, to preserve records of rises in sea levels:
Aboriginal Memories of Inundation of the Australian Coast Dating from More than 7000 Years Ago
Ancient Aboriginal Stories Preserve History of a rise in Sea Level
A grammar of Yidiny
Revealed: how Indigenous Australian storytelling accurately records sea level rises 7,000 years ago

Disclaimer: I do not own this poem
Link to original resource: Angel of East

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