Menippean & Ornamented

Midnight, a hundred seconds to the clock.

What was once a grievance will remain always unresolved.

Midnight close to being unhinged.

Is life for a sentient being ordinary.

Something about the disparity fuels people to desire the extra ordinary.

But if you see through the eyes of the Menippean,

Global roulette of entourage ensues.

In Expanding mo ne ta ry 

Fields and the Frontiers.

Where the slated theory of infinite supply and demand.

Still Bends towards value destruction

But even in our vast terrain

Our resources are finite but there’s no refrain

The labour of workers

Who submit their own mark

their impressions are not felt

By those privileged to receive their work

As we enclose on their independence

on their rights to

reap the fruits of their labour

We live in pursuit of the rational economic man

that human beings are motivated by self interest and a desire to expand upon their wealth

private property and patents emerge

And what ensues is the tragedy of the commons

GameStop shows that value of capital can be pupeteered

The banana sticky tape artwork , collecting 200, 000 USD in post modernist accolades

Frames that what is valued, even without worth is revered in the form of dollars

Every Stock Exchange

All the Liquidities

Hours reckoning

What has come of the beast?

Every mantelpiece

And remnants of the salvaged

Breathe the fine print

Ponder the given philosophy

Not everything is linear

or towards a platonian arch

So Traipse amongst magistral prodigies

The manner machines bends to you seems


its sa tisfi ying clings

that well endows workers

with their next stint

But also well enamoured in

Imprinting upon your identity

also well subtly orchestrated

To inculcate the weight of your rights

The past echoes in the sphere of the now

And shattered remnants of a civilisation lingers, like glass that is discarded and its jagged edges over time becomes smoother at the bottom of the ocean

in polychromatic shades, these remnants can draw a kaleidoscope of variegated visions

and in that deafening void of the ancient voices

Speak to the ornamented voice of reason

Without the Menippean

We can’t make sense of the journey that we are taking


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