Druze Princess, Interwar Spy and Songstress from Cairo – Remembering Asmahan||& Using Affinity Photo ||

Interwar spy, Druze Princess, Songstress. She was born from the Mediterranean sea and a fortune telller predicted that she would die from the element that she was born in. Water. She is from aristocracy and her father fought in the Arab Revolt against the French. Asmahan is a woman who defied the norms of Hollywood and her community’s. She dabbled with dangerous situations and men who hold political power, as a means to help her people (true or not). But sometimes caring too much is a pathway to hell. Quote Shantideva on real empathy and the afterlife- the role of a bodhicaryavatara

Brief account of Affinity Photo &
Remembering Asmahan
Remembering Asmahan
Setting the Scene
Fortune Teller
An unconventional figure of her time & StageScreen
Taqasim & Solfeggio SongBird
Queen Nazli & Asmahan
Brief account of using Affinity Photo


Crystal Palace of Data Mining/ in Australia & Blake’s ‘Jerusalem’ Dark Satanic Mills

This crystal palace is a symbol of rationalism and how it is being used to justify truth in people’s lived experiences. That their suffering is necessary for the social order. And Dostoyevsky says attempts to typify a utopia in society to eliminate suffering still results in suffering. And the more aware you are of the divine or beautiful, the more you are likely to commit acts that are unjust. There is a human desire to sabotage oneself, even amongst surrounding oneself with the divine.